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U.S. Mayors Say LED Lighting, Energy Efficient Buildings And Solar Energy Technologies Are Reshaping America’s Cities

Written by Solar Thermal Magazine
GE energy efficient LED lighting. GE energy efficient LED lighting.

The nation’s mayors released a new survey report showing how cities are deploying solar electricity systems, LED lighting and low-energy buildings to meet their energy and climate goals.

Released at the Conference’s 84th Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C., the findings show mayors overwhelmingly identified these three technologies to be the “most promising” technologies for curbing climate emissions and reducing energy use in their cities.

The findings also point to the many actions mayors are taking to accelerate the deployment of these energy technologies, and echo the mayors’ collective call in their plan – the Mayors’ Compact for a Better America — that calls on Congress and the presidential candidates to INVEST in and PROTECT America’s cities and their metropolitan areas.

“With national elections upon us, candidates can learn from the strong leadership of mayors who are offering solutions to our national challenges, such as energy independence and climate protection, in their work to deploy new energy technologies,” said Conference President Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

“Mayors continue to lead the way on innovation and deploying new technologies in their cities. And, the survey findings show that they could do much more if they had better partners helping cities accelerate the deployment of these technologies which we know as so vital to reducing carbon emissions and energy use throughout the U.S.,” said New Bedford (MA) Mayor Jon Mitchell who chairs the Conference’s Energy Committee.

“Mayors have been global leaders on these issues for a more than decade, and recently showcased their mayoral energy and climate efforts in Paris at COP21,” said Conference CEO and Executive Director Tom Cochran. “There are practical solutions to our energy and climate challenges but we don’t see the commitment from others to help our mayors and cities do more.”

This survey effort was undertaken with support from Philips, a Conference of Mayors’ partner, showing how business partnerships with mayors and cities can be forward-thinking and also smart business.

“This year’s survey shows that mayors across the country continue to lead the charge in adopting energy efficient LED lighting. The survey also confirms their desire for connected technologies that can help realize even greater energy efficiencies and provide more control over their cities’ lighting infrastructure,” said Amy Huntington, President of Philips Lighting Americas.

The survey findings being released today show the progress being made in cities to deploy specific technologies mayors have determined are the most effective means for reducing energy use and climate emissions. The survey findings, which can be found at, are based on responses from 178 mayors.

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