Peace and Diplomacy

Peace and Diplomacy (18)

As the new year begins, we are more than 15 months into military operations against ISIL, and Congress has yet to vote on an authorization for war.

U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) continued her harsh criticisms of the Obama administration's foreign policy, saying actions against the Islamic State group could lead the U.S. into a "devastating nuclear war" with Russia.

"On National Security: We do that in the last few months we've had an airliner blown up - apparently by terrorists. We've had civilians massacred in Beirut - in Paris - in Mali - and then recently in San Benardino. The investigations are still ongoing. But the one thing we do know is that none of these terrorist attacks were caused by Syrian refugees.


After 14 years of War on Terror the West is great at fomenting barbarism and creating failed states.

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